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There is only one Online Business Tutorial Site and It is The Wealthy Affiliate. It is literally hands down the most comprehensive, user friendly site out there. The help and support you will receive is second to none.

It is like its own little Community of Genuinely Happy People with man-person-hat-fur-mediumthe same Goals as You. You can almost see them smiling on the other side of your computer.

Trust me if I didn’t truly feel like this, then You would not be reading this from me. To be honest this is My first Website, and there is NO possible way I could have done it without the Wealthy Affiliate.  They have given me the confidence and the support to go for Anything I want.


Getting Started is the easy part, not to mention that there is a Free Membership. (No Credit Card Needed).

With step by step instructions and tasks at the end of each section, It is almost Fool Proof.

If You get stuck, there are people there immediately to give suggestions and guidance. I know I say this a lot but “It Is Unreal” the support that you get.question-965084__340

There is also a search bar where most of your questions get answered immediately from archived Q & A within the community.

In my opinion, the only thing that can stop you from creating a successful business online is YOU.


Why wouldn’t You try something that is risk free, and has such HUGE potential? boy-1299541_960_720For the Skeptics out there, You only need  try the Free Membership. No Obligation, No Credit Card, No Spam , No Hassle, Nothing that could possibly make You say ” Why did I try this”.

A lot of us have been burned out there with all the “Get Rich Quick” Schemes (No Such Thing, Trust Me).  For those of Us that have been burned, The Wealthy Affiliate is Like a breath of the freshest air imaginable.


This is what you will get with your Free Membership, Which by the way, does not expire. You may choose to upgrade to Premium, but then You will only get Way More. My suggestion is to test drive first.

Free Membership Gives You

  1. (2) Free Websites to start Earning Revenue with.
  2. Step by Step instructions to get You started.
  3. 1 Entire Training Platform
  4. Keyword Research Tool
  5. Video Tutorials and Q & A sessions.
  6. Tips on how to get Targeted Traffic to Your Websites.
  7. More Help than you could ever imagine.


In a nutshell getting started is a No Brainer. It will cost you $0.00, and will teach you the Real way people become Successful Online.

To Start your Free Membership click on the Link below, and I (Brady) will see you on the inside of this Extraordinary Platform. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below. Thank You for Visiting!

27 thoughts on “Getting Started Online”

    1. Ricky,

      This absolutely can help with any business. Its all about exposure and how to do it correctly. There are tutorials on Facebook ads, building and optimizing websites to reach your targeted audience. Tips on how to find your targeted audience. Twitter tutorials , I just saw a live tutorial, wich you can still access in the archives about local marketing. There is so much information and people willing to help or point you in the right direction. Even if you are like me and have little experience, they made it simple. I have learned more in a month and a half than I ever thought possible. Ricky, You can try the free membership and there is nothing at all to lose. There is really no other place like it. This is Definitely the Real Deal.

      Hope this helps.


    1. Kashifa,

      You can sign up for the free membership on my website. There is a getting started platform there. It is totally free and does not expire. Try it out and let me know if you have any questions. You can communicate with me also once inside. My user name is Brady1. Hope to see you there.

    1. Mr.Biswas,
      You can join for free on almost any of my pages. Once inside I will personally help with anything you need. This is an extraordinary place that will help you achieve your goals. Check it out for free and decide for yourself. Im confident you will be impressed.

    1. Carisa,

      What would you like to sell? The beauty is you can sell anything you are passionate about. If you have an existing business than you can definitely promote it. There is a process to make it happen and the process works. If you want to make money online it does not matter how you want to do it, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how . There is something for everyone. That being said, it is not a get rich quick. It will take hard work and dedication to reach your goals. Try the free membership and decide for yourself. I only suggest that you are serious and want to learn.


    1. Ms. Hazzard,

      If you have not already, sign up for the free membership. Then you can explore all of the options available to you. It costs nothing and the free membership does not expire. There is no better place to get help with any online venture you are looking for. There is literally nothing to lose. I wish you well and hope to see you on the inside.


  1. Hi,
    I have joined this program and I find it to be organized and it teaches me a lot about doing an online business. I think the free membership is the best for starters as it can allow people to create 2 free websites. This would let them learn a lot and once they are ready, they could upgrade into premium and start earning money!

    1. Jacob,

      You are exactly right. The free (no strings attached) membership will allow you to set the foundation for your online business. The reason they give you the free membership is so you can decide if its a good fit for you. Thank You for the comment, and I will see you around WA.


  2. I find the whole work online journey a little frightening if I’m honest with you – there seems to be a lot more horror stories of scams coming through these days…doesn’t there?
    This offer with the free membership – will it always stay free? I’m not exactly loaded on money at the moment so I could do with a free option to get started!

    1. Chris,

      I agree it can be frightening, but it can also be very exciting. There are a lot of scams out there, however if you do your research you can avoid the majority of them. Investigate before you click. If you have not already, do a little more research on the Wealthy Affiliate. You will find it extremely difficult to find anything negative.

      The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership does not expire and does not require any financial Information. You can set a great foundation with the free membership and even start earning revenue. It will take some work , but the rewards are very satisfying.

      There is no place that gives you as much as WA. If you decide to try it out, my user name is Brady1, and I am always happy to help.


  3. Hi there! I just read your article about Wealthy Affiliate and thought I would just drop you a quick message to say thanks.

    I have been a member of WA for just over a year now and I have learned a lot during that time. People that might be wondering if this is real or not should definitely give this a try.

    I always wanted to start an online business and WA has given me the tools that I needed to get started with a successful online business. I have yet to find a better online business training program.

    WA isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it takes a lot of work to build a good business online, but its really worth it!

    1. Andrew,

      I really appreciate your input. WA has opened my eyes to all the possibilities of making money online legitimately. It does take work, but it does not feel like work to me. Its a great feeling to create and grow my own business. Thanks again, and I will see you around WA.


    1. Ms. Schmerer,

      The 49 dollars is for a premium membership. I suggest you try the free membership and decide if it is something that you want to persue. The free membership does not require anything but an email address (which will not be used other than to set up your account). There is literally no strings attached.

      The Free Membership does include 2 Websites and 1 entire training platform.You will also receive help on demand if you have any questions. More than enough for you to get started with your online success.

      I hope I answered your question.


  4. Hi Brady!!😉😉 Nancy Robbins, here, I just wrote you a message on f.b.. a few min.ago happy thanksgiving, did you just get my message???😉😉

    1. Ms. Robbins,

      I did receive your message and I replied on FB. I will reply here as well. First, Thank You for your interest in WA. In regards to your smartphone, you can definitely get started with it, however I recomend you gain access to a laptop or PC when building your website and adding content. I use my smartphone while promoting WA in my spare time and it has worked out well for me.

      Regarding help at WA, I have had no issues whatsoever. If I have a question it is usually answered within minutes. Once you are inside let me know and I will help you with anything you need. My user name is Brady1. Thanks Aagain, and I hope to see you on the inside.


  5. Hi Brady, thank you for this awesome and informative article. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I must say that I am thankful for everything they provide. With WordPress hosting usually costing around $90/month, it is unprecedented that Wealthy Affiliate gives you this hosting for free, that reason alone is enough to sign up for a free membership.

    1. Jacob,

      Thank You for your comment. I really do not think people realize the opportunity they have with the free membership. For someone like myself, I had no expierience with building websites or affiliate marketing. Now I can help others and it is fun!! Everything here at WA is Top Notch, I love it!!

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